Prevent a screen redraw when opening a new file

09 Mar 2018 01:49 #107135 by tim@home
Often I cut artwork then want to add lettering later. These two operations do not necessarily come one directly after another in time. It may be days in between. I would like to be able to open the art file then open the lettering file but leave the art file outline on the screen so I can keep touching off the letters until they are in the right position. Does this make sense? Is it possible? Thanks in advance
09 Mar 2018 10:56 #107144 by andypugh
No, unfortunately it is not possible.

One workaround might be to combine the two files but to wrap the already-machined code in block-delete characters:

But that sounds tedious and also might not work. If you are touching-off the coordinate system then the already-machined stuff will move too. (this would be the case anyway)

So, what you want to do, I guess, is leave the back-trace in place rather than the preview.

The live plotter seems to be cleared here:

But I suspect that disabling that would just mean that the manual clear no longer worked, but loading a new file would still clear the screen. is a Python file, which means that you can just edit it and see what happens.
(probably best to make a backup copy first)
09 Mar 2018 17:38 - 09 Mar 2018 18:07 #107165 by MaHa
You could use this template. Remove my code and paste your artwork code in sub1, the lettering file in sub2, maybe using another offset.
After finish your setup, comment out sub1 with ; and the outline disapears and only sub2 is running.

I have a neverending fight with run from line, so i have a sub for every tool. Thats why i had this template ready. (mine has 20 sub calls prepared)
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10 Mar 2018 00:41 #107178 by tim@home
Thanks Andy for the reply. Something told me this was the case but I had to ask.
10 Mar 2018 00:42 #107179 by tim@home
I will try this tomorrow at my shop. May be just the ticket
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