Necessary to restart linuxcnc after stopping in the middle of a program?

30 Nov 2018 23:34 #121658 by robforbes
I have noticed that pressing the Stop button while a program is running or paused (this is the "square" stop button, not the estop) seems to really screw up the state of the linuxcnc client. Tool position is lost, and touching off again doesn't fix things. The only cure seems to be to exit out of linuxcnc and bring it up again. Is this expected/known behavior? I haven't noticed anything in the documentation about this--maybe I haven't been looking in the right place. Suggestions appreciated!


My config:
linuxcnc 2.7.11
Axis GUI
Atom 525MW motherboard
Mesanet 5i25 PCI board (parallel port)
02 Dec 2018 18:19 #121724 by fc60

Pressing PAUSE is what I use. It only stops axis motion, the spindle continues to run.

I have noticed that pressing STOP halts everything. To clear things back to 'normal', I open the MDI window and execute a M30 command.


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03 Dec 2018 03:44 #121733 by robforbes
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip! I'll give that try.

03 Dec 2018 05:58 #121735 by newbynobi
The STOP will not errase or clear tool offsets nor the G54 etc offsets.
I am able to stop a program and start it again without problems.

My programms begin with
G17 G21 ....
T1 M6 G43

That way the start sets the saved workpiece position i have touched off prior to start the program.

03 Dec 2018 13:51 #121747 by andypugh
Stopping the machine mid-program should not mean that you need to reboot.
But, it is quite likely that offsets and tool length data from the G-code will still be active.

As has been suggested, one way to clear these is the M30 (or M2) commands.

But: If you want to re-start the program from the point where is was stopped you almost certainly do not want to reset all those parameters. On the contrary you would want to keep them, turn on the coolant (if used) and then use M3 to re-start the spindle at the set speed. (I am not sure if that works, it's something I should test)
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