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17 Dec 2018 17:27 #122524 by mmt
Tab in Axis was created by mmt
Does anyone know if its possible (and where to find some info) to open a program, specifically a web browser, in a tab or panel in axis?

I am building a linuxcnc machine that also monitors the input of several analog sensors to a dedicated PLC. With the PLC that I am using I can write htm code for a web page to view the values. I would like to view it as a tab or panel in axis as opposed to a seperate window. Also I have seen where I can open a htm file directly with Glade, however the PLC requires Java/Ajax so that is not an option. I think using a standard browser would be the easiest.

Thank you in advance, also this is NOT ClassicLadder PLC nor do I want it to be.
17 Dec 2018 21:03 #122535 by Todd Zuercher
Replied by Todd Zuercher on topic Tab in Axis
You can make windows with GladeVCP that can be loaded into tabs in Axis. Could you make that work for you?
18 Dec 2018 01:25 #122541 by mmt
Replied by mmt on topic Tab in Axis
I make tabs with Glade all the time, but I'm not quite sure how to open a program in Glade.

I'll post it up on the glade thread and see if I get any responses.

If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

18 Dec 2018 04:15 #122551 by Todd Zuercher
Replied by Todd Zuercher on topic Tab in Axis
Not sure if you can. What I was suggesting was to build a gladeVCP tab to look up and display the data you require.
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