05 Feb 2020 00:47 #156552 by RobotMatic
Replied by RobotMatic on topic simulation
Thank you very much for the information

I'll try

i like the challenge

Thank you very much

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19 Jun 2022 20:54 #245448 by cakeslob
Replied by cakeslob on topic simulation
Recently Ive been running some fanuc robocut wire EDM and the boss training me uses dryrun when ever he needs to restart a program and basically uses it as a replacement for run from line. I never thought about using it on the fanuc cnc because I just start from a M06 safety block, but this seems like a decent alternative to a safety block/m06, or using the run-from-line options. I like where this Dryrun is going, and will be installing the dryrun branch later this evening, but I had a few questions.

Will vismach display the actual machine (or lack of) movement?

As it currently stands, you cannot use this in the way I am intending? A program must be stopped before it is turned on/off? So you cannot dryrun a program up to a certain line, and then turn off dryrun to resume program from that point?

Does linuxcnc have some kind of pin similar to feed hold point return? Where it would bring you back to the last feed hold point? Im thinking it would be something like how the jog-while-paused works.

My intended use case would be,
-cycle stop program middle of the file for what ever reason, jog to do something (on edm it would be jog z to remove slug or something),
-restart program with dry run,
-step program in dryrun to last point,
-when dryrun is at the point you want, while program is paused/feedhold
- press hold point return, machine does xy coordinated motion, then z (like jwp?) to the last feed hold point
-turn off dryrun, resume program. everything is good, nothing crashes,

kinda like run from line, but I assume all the G/M/S/F codes and offsets would be active become active while running it through dryrun, basically like hold point return + dryrun are a crash resistant version of run from line

I know I am usually a babbling blowhard, but does this make sense?

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