Ignoring task mode change while jogging (version 2.8.4-1-gb7824717b on buster)

12 Mar 2024 23:06 #295794 by nottolino
Hi all, here is Ottorino from Italy.
I've been lurking (and learning !!) intermittently for years on this forum and on the knowledge base.
Thanks to you all.

I have a problem, possibly a bug very similar to this one
but I get the message on Axis.

Before rising a bug on github, I think is more correct and fair to ask here

Here below what I wrote for github, without submitting the bug

 1. the whole stuff has been working fine for a couple of weeks,  while I was setting it up (stepconf) for axis name, directions, homing sequence, joypad movement, gedit, git, emacs  and so on.

 2. When I was finally ready to mill something, the machine started to give problems

 3.When I switch to MDI to send a command such as 

g53 g0 x0y50z20, i.e.any random coordinates, or

g10 l2 p1 X38 Y140 Z25 or

any other command i get the messages

 "Ignoring task mode change while jogging"
 "It is necessary to be in MDI mode to execute MDI commands" (translated from italian).

These messages appear also when I try to set the zero coordinates either with g10 l2... or by pressing the buttons on manual control (F3) of Axis interface.

 4. This happens 8-9 times out of ten, I would say, thus making the CNC unusable

 5. Please note that I keep my ~/linuxcnc dir under subversion with git, so I can go back and forth among configuration history and the problem described above is present also when I get back to the original working setup

## Information about my hardware and software:

Distributor ID:    Debian
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Release:    10
Codename:    buster
freshly installed

Linux 8-CNC 4.19.0-26-rt-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Debian 4.19.304-1 (2024-01-09) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Installed by means of iso image from linuxcnc site

 LinuxCNC/AXIS versione 2.8.4-1-gb7824717b  with a USB  Joypad
parallel port

The hardware is a Ronchini Minimill with its "2A stepper" controller,
four axis, but the rotary axis not (yet) installed.

The spindle is made by kress and can be activated by the flood output connected to a 220V rele (F8 on keyboard)


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16 Mar 2024 00:37 #296010 by tommylight
Just a stab in the dark, but probably stuck key on the keyboard or miss configured joypad.
Try removing one at a time and test with another keyboard.
And just in case, mouse/keyboard/joypad cables as far from the spindle and it's cables as possible.

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19 Mar 2024 08:58 - 19 Mar 2024 08:59 #296294 by nottolino
Unfortunately is not a HW problem. On 2.9, on the very same computer it doesn't happen. I'm still investigating. Thanks tommylight
Last edit: 19 Mar 2024 08:59 by nottolino.

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19 Mar 2024 10:04 #296299 by tommylight
Does it happen all the time or just some times?
Mobile phones tend to do that.

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19 Mar 2024 15:08 #296324 by nottolino
Most of the times, tommylight.
Hopefully I've found the culprit
After two hours of running the script from seuchato (forum.linuxcnc.org/18-computer/39371-res...with-linuxcnc#172202) I've corrected the latency value from the previous 22800 (evidently obtained with a time too short) to 68600 as given by the script.
Until now the problem has not yet reappeared. Now I have to fight with truetype-tracer to allow NGCGUI. I have many routines written for NGCGUI. But for this I' will open another topic.
Thanks again for discussing with me.
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