"Execute next line" causing strange behavior?

29 Dec 2010 11:04 #6304 by etgoodacre
Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues stepping through programs one line at a time. The problem is that sometimes after executing a line the program is paused (halui.program.is-paused is true) and sometimes it is stuck running (halui.program.is-running is true) after motion stops. I'm using both axis and halui to control emc2.

If I start a program using the "Begin executing current file" button or halui.program.run, let it do a couple lines, pause, then start stepping through lines one at a time, it returns to paused mode after every line. I can then start the program running again using the "Pause/Resume execution" button or halui.program.resume. This is all as it should be.

If I start by stepping through single lines, however, it stays in running mode after each line. I cannot start the program running normally using halui.program.resume or halui.program.run because its already running. I have to first pause the program with halui.program.pause then resume. If I use the "Pause/Resume execution" button, the program starts and runs correctly but I get a "file ended with no percent sign" error. This only happens if I start and end my program with percent signs, it does not occure if I end with an m2 command. I'm not sure that I want to always end with m2 though.

As I said, my programs end up running correctly in the end, but this behavior seems strange to me. It can be confusing to press start and have nothing happen sometimes. Does anyone have any experience with this issue or can explain why this is happening? I can ellaborate on how I have things set up if needed.


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