'clicking' checkbox on pyvcp from gcode

17 Jul 2017 15:54 #95910 by andypugh
A checkbox is a control. Do you want a control, or an indicator? It sounds like you want an indicator.
17 Jul 2017 16:19 #95920 by MadGuest
For indicator I can use LED ))) Checkbutton will be used as control. I want to skip some part of gcode if checkbutton is checked, but also I want to toggle it off when I run code first time.
17 Jul 2017 17:22 #95932 by Todd Zuercher
18 Jul 2017 16:16 - 18 Jul 2017 16:17 #95989 by MadGuest

Todd Zuercher wrote: I did something a little like this here.

Thanks. But I'd like to stay with pyvcp. After some reading on this forum I've checked again and figured out that command "setp pyvcp.my-checkbutton.changepin 1" works fine. So now i need to understand the way how can I use it in gcode.
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18 Jul 2017 17:39 #96009 by Todd Zuercher
There are a number of ways I think you could, You could setp it using a User Defined M-code (probably the simplest way), trigger it with another hal pin such as motion.digital-out-NN.

One really nice thing about glade vs pyvcp, is you can make the buttons look like big ordinary buttons, rather than just little tiny check mark dots.

But it does seem to lack that hal changepin part, that you have to add manually with the python file when using glade.
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