2 Independent Jog Speed Controls (One for A-Axis)

23 Aug 2015 01:03 - 23 Aug 2015 01:37 #61658 by Askjerry
Ok... that suggestion took me to this example... Jogging With Buttons On A Pendant

They are using two feeds... fixed... but I think I can point the values to the two sliders instead...

Code snippet...
# set the jog speed
setp mux2.0.in0 25
setp mux2.0.in1 100
net remote-speed-select mux2.0.sel <= pyvcp.jog-speed.Fast
net remote-jog-speed halui.jog-speed <= mux2.0.out

Not exactly there yet... but something to experiment with... I think this gets me about 60% there... I'll update if i find anything.

I am attaching everything I have so far...

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File Name: EXPERIMENTAL.tar.gz
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Thanks ~ Jerry
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