SPINBOX DATA to G-Code Variable

01 Sep 2018 12:11 #116948 by andypugh
Unfortunately #<_hal Pins are only updated when the G code starts, not live.
A tool change (even a dummy one) _might_ update them during G-code execution.

M66 and a Hal net is the dependable way.
03 Sep 2018 09:57 #117007 by JesusAlos
I tried:

G4 P[#5410]
The result is I have to reload the tool table to load the new diameter tool value.

G4 P#<_hal[pyvcp.spinbox0]>
M66 E<pin_number>

Both cases, have to stop the machine to load the new value.

I can't find a way to change a variable value during gcode execution.
Thank you.
03 Sep 2018 13:40 #117010 by Todd Zuercher
To update a parameter value in g code using m66.
In your hal file connect the pin "motion.analog-in-00" (motion.analog-in-nn) to the hal pin you are reading your analog value from.
Then in your G-code when you what the value updated insert
M66 E0
#<_your parameter>=#5399
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