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06 Jan 2017 18:38 - 06 Jan 2017 18:47 #85354 by Wirewrap
When starting a simple pyvcp panel from halrun, how to declare it to be "always on top"?
This can be done by a right click when the panel is already active, but it would be nice to have it as default.
As an example, halmeter, is "always on top".

loadusr -Wn ttt pyvcp -g +1300+100 -c ttt panel.xml
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06 Jan 2017 21:09 #85361 by cmorley
They is no access to this setting in pyvcp.
This would be a good add on.

A way around it if you were very interested is using the program devilspie
06 Jan 2017 22:16 - 06 Jan 2017 22:18 #85363 by Wirewrap
I have never worked with python, but googling around some I was lucky to find this similar solution in StackOverflow

So in /usr/bin/pyvcp I blindly changed
    pyvcp0 = Tk()
to this
    pyvcp0 = Tk()
    pyvcp0.attributes('-topmost', True)

It solves my problem, if something else breaks I do not know.
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