image as a button and jog wheel

14 Feb 2018 10:10 #105878 by Thomas
hello together,

at the moment I'm working again at my cnc-router and I'm just modifying my LinuxCNC Overlay.
You can see my screenshot in the attachments.

I don't know if this is possible with pyvcp or not, but I don't know how to make a image as a button. My solution for the moment are the buttons X+. X-, Y+, Y- next the images. I want to delete the buttons and want to press the images instead. How can I do that?

Second question is about my jogwheel. I don't know how to connect it. I don't have addons and if I run LinuxCNC, I'll get a error message like:
HAL: ERROR: function 'conv_float_s32.0' not found
custom_postgui.hal:23: addf failed

my 'custom_postgui.hal'

loadrt conv_float_s32 count=1
addf conv_float_s32.0 servo-thread
net jogwheel_float pyvcp.jog-wheel.output =>
net jogwheel_long conv_float_s32.0.out => axis.0.jog-counts axis.1.jog-counts axis.2.jog-counts
net jog_x axisgui.jog.x => axis.0.jog-enable
net jog_y axisgui.jog.y => axis.1.jog-enable
net jog_z axisgui.jog.z => axis.2.jog-enable

my 'custompanel.xml'

-<labelframe text="::: Jog Wheel :::">
<image_bit images="empty2"/>


<image_bit images="empty2"/>


The image_bit empty2 is only for optics, to get more distance between the widgets.

Thank you for your help and I'll hope I can realize my wishes without GVCP or other addons.

greetings Thomas

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15 Feb 2018 21:48 #105994 by cmorley
pyVCP does not have an image button option - it would be a nice addition.

the ere comes from the fact that the conv_float_s32 component's name uses underscores but everything else related to it uses dashes.

addf conv-float-s32.0 servo-thread
net jogwheel_float pyvcp.jog-wheel.output =>


Chris M
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16 Feb 2018 09:59 #106008 by Thomas
thank you Chris.

So I don't have to search anymore to find a solution. I decide to try this with glade, but have to learn and read a little bit more.

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