Connecting the pcVCP Dial

05 Mar 2018 19:39 #106969 by gaja
Does anyone have experience with the widget, pyvcp dial? (not the jogwheel) It has only one output pin which is "dial.anaout".
It is not a bit, but is a floating output. I am using it for the x axis on a Bridgeport mill. What pin(s) do I connect to run the x axis motor?
I have tried everything I can think of.
I have not seen where anyone has used this widget, so maybe it does not work. It seems ideal for using on a mill to move small or large increments with ease.
Thanks for any help anyone can give.
30 Mar 2018 12:20 #108104 by BigJohnT
Replied by BigJohnT on topic Connecting the pcVCP Dial
Dial only outputs an floating point number. To jog with that you would need to connect it to halui jog pin. it seems a clumsy way to jog. The widget does work as designed.

30 Mar 2018 18:55 #108118 by gaja
Replied by gaja on topic Connecting the pcVCP Dial
Thank you John.
I have went with the ShuttleXpress
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