Troubleshooting HAL

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When you modify your hal file and get a loading error most of the time it is because the pin name you used is spelled wrong. Comment the offending line out and run your config. If you're using Axis all the pin, parameter, signal and function names are listed in the Show Hal Configuration. If you're running a different GUI simply open a terminal window while your configuration is running and type the following to see the names.
halcmd show pin
halcmd show param
halcmd show sig
halcmd show function

If you're looking for a pin and know the name you can also narrow the list down by using the pin name. In the example I want to see all the pin names for all the ddt components that are loaded.
halcmd show pin ddt

If your addf (add function) line fails then use the halcmd show function to see all the function names.

If your net line fails usually it is misspelled or you didn't have a signal name.

The Basic Hal Tutorial is a must read and it is short.

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