Relation between HAL pins and EtherCAT Slave Information(ESI) .xml file?

30 Nov 2016 21:43 - 30 Nov 2016 21:45 #83509 by jerryCNC
I am trying to write EtherCAT HAL driver for Beckhoff servo drive AX5000:
* I studied the template of Sittner's driver for DELTA Electronics ASDA series:
* And I studied the EtherCAT Slave Informaion(ESI) file for DELTA Electronics ASDA series:
--- see attached .xml file.

I am wondering how Sittner figured out those HAL pins, which are not found in the ESI(.xml) file?

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File Name: ASDA2-Erev3.35.xml
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File Name: lcec_deasda.h
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File Name: lcec_deasda.c
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08 Jan 2017 17:38 #85481 by chimeno
Hello, I just pulled out an AX5203 driver and I would like to connect to linuxcnc, have you been able to make them work?

Thank you
10 Jan 2017 17:48 #85575 by jerryCNC
Hi, I figured out the HAL logic for linuxcnc.

However, the main problem for AX5000 is not from linuxcnc, but from IgH-EtherCAT-master:
* I am stuck at using IgH-EtherCAT-master to control AX5000.
* You can forget about linuxcnc before solving this problem.

By the way, which hardware are you using as EtherCAT master?
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10 Jan 2017 20:53 #85590 by chimeno
Hi, thanks for the answer, to your question you are referring to what hardware I am using?
10 Jan 2017 23:00 #85595 by jerryCNC
Yes, what real-time OS is running in what hardware?

As you study more, you will find that distributed-clock is a big issue for controlling AX5000 with IgH EtherCAT master.
11 Jan 2017 20:33 #85624 by chimeno
Hi I am currently using linuxcnc 2.7.8 with mesanet 5I20.
I have two servosystems in AX5203 and AX5206, if we can connect them to linuxcnc

Thank you
13 Jan 2017 22:20 - 13 Jan 2017 22:20 #85715 by sirop
<CoE SdoInfo="true" PdoAssign="true" PdoConfig="true">

This usually means that you can change the preconfigured set of PDO (entries) with
ethercat sdo commands .
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