Question about matrix_kb

09 Feb 2017 19:01 #87692 by Niko
Niko replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
I tried running the thread slower but it got even worse . I think I'm going to use direct inputs on the 7i70 . It won't be too much hassle, but i'll get to that after i setup the toolchanger .

10 Feb 2017 02:17 #87739 by cmorley
cmorley replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
matrix keyboard can be used in a couple of ways - you didn't mention how you are using it.
it can scan a matrix keyboard and convert to individual hal pins or
it can read a scan code (usually from mesa 7i73 or panelui program) and convert it to individual hal pins.

I assume the first.
One problem is that matrix keyboards are momentary on buttons that share wiring.
A rotary switch always has at least one output closed.
This could bring in key roll-over problems.

I would suggest mux16 or mux_generic that have included debounce options for your rotary switch.

my 2 cents
Chris M
10 Feb 2017 08:24 #87748 by Niko
Niko replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
I use mux components but the created hal pins are not correctly decoded .
This specific board has diodes on all inputs and was successfully used by the fanuc .
10 Feb 2017 10:49 #87754 by Niko
Niko replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
I got the outputs going with a primitive component .
It's far from elegant, but it works .
component demux;

pin in bit in11;
pin in bit in12;
pin in bit in13;
pin in bit in14;
pin in bit in15;
pin in bit in16;
pin in bit in17;
pin in bit in18;
pin in bit in21;
pin in bit in22;
pin in bit in23;
pin in bit in24;
pin in bit in25;
pin in bit in26;
pin in bit in27;
pin in bit in28;
pin in bit in31;
pin in bit in32;
pin in bit in33;
pin in bit in34;
pin in bit in35;
pin in bit in36;
pin in bit in37;
pin in bit in38;
pin in bit in41;
pin in bit in42;
pin in bit in43;
pin in bit in44;
pin in bit in45;
pin in bit in46;
pin in bit in47;
pin in bit in48;
pin in bit in51;
pin in bit in52;
pin in bit in53;
pin in bit in54;
pin in bit in55;
pin in bit in56;
pin in bit in57;
pin in bit in58;

pin in bit strobe1;
pin in bit strobe2;
pin in bit strobe3;
pin in bit strobe4;
pin in bit strobe5;

pin out bit out1;
pin out bit out2;
pin out bit out3;
pin out bit out4;
pin out bit out5;
pin out bit out6;
pin out bit out7;
pin out bit out8;

function _;
license "GPL"; // indicates GPL v2 or later



		out1 = in11;	
		out2 = in12;
		out3 = in13;
		out4 = in14;
		out5 = in15;
		out6 = in16;
		out7 = in17;
		out8 = in18;


		out1 = in21;	
		out2 = in22;
		out3 = in23;
		out4 = in24;
		out5 = in25;
		out6 = in26;
		out7 = in27;
		out8 = in28;		

		out1 = in31;	
		out2 = in32;
		out3 = in33;
		out4 = in34;
		out5 = in35;
		out6 = in36;
		out7 = in37;
		out8 = in38;		

		out1 = in41;	
		out2 = in42;
		out3 = in43;
		out4 = in44;
		out5 = in45;
		out6 = in46;
		out7 = in47;
		out8 = in48;		

		out1 = in51;	
		out2 = in52;
		out3 = in53;
		out4 = in54;
		out5 = in55;
		out6 = in56;
		out7 = in57;
		out8 = in58;		

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10 Feb 2017 11:59 #87755 by k-1
k-1 replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
B) .. perfect!

I use a similar one (I named it simplychoice) for make simply choice bit/pin out from several input bit/pin condition ... work from 2012 everyday without any problem ....

If work no touch!!

11 Feb 2017 08:35 - 11 Feb 2017 08:35 #87805 by sinusvag
sinusvag replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb

Thanks for the information - I am learning LInuxCNC and one of my "thinking cases" is how to interface a panel similar to yours.

If you don't mind me asking - did you jot down some sketch (on paper) on the physical side of your solution? It would be a nice complement to the code abode. Many have talked about retrofitting old control panels but I haven't seen any thorough write-up.

Cheers Hans
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11 Feb 2017 17:47 #87828 by Niko
Niko replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
When I was trying to understand how the board worked I went through the schematic .
I didn't get it with all the details but enough to give me an idea of how it works .
I'll have to get a few shots of the paperwork .

19 Feb 2017 10:04 - 20 Feb 2017 20:14 #88242 by Niko
Niko replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
[This is to give an idea of the original mori circuit board .
The output side uses D triggers as a one bit memory . At the time I didn't write down the IC numbers but the circuit speaks for itself .

For now it seems to work well with matrix_kb . I moved the selector switches to direct inputs and run it in a 4ms thread . Response is good .

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19 Feb 2017 20:52 #88296 by sinusvag
sinusvag replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
I think there's something wrong with the permissions for the photos - I just get "You do not have permissions to access this page" instead of pics!

21 Feb 2017 20:42 #88460 by sinusvag
sinusvag replied the topic: Question about matrix_kb
Super, there they were! (The pics)

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