VMC tool changer questions

13 Feb 2017 22:34 #87929 by Jake
Jake created the topic: VMC tool changer questions
I am finally to the point where I am going to go after the tool changer!!

I have some questions, I have one pin on the carousel and one at the motor shaft. Would this be an index type? Where it will home for the first tool change request and go from there? What would my pin configuration be on this? would it be 1 or 2?

Will loading my files into the a SIM instance of LCNC allow me to simulate my files to make sure I can get them working first?

I also have a limit switch for the spindle locked and spindle unlocked, I want to have spindle locked feed both spindle inhibit and tell the tool change evolution that it is locked. The separate limit will tell it, it is unlocked and ready to move. I have not been able to find a HAL pin to work with that yet.

It appears that the remapped M6 will be the best way to go

The lines that have asterisks * are the ones I still think I need to address.

Thanks again for all the help!
o<toolchange> sub

M19 R0  ;align the spindle

; only unload the tool if there is a tool in the spindle
; This assumes that the carousel is already aligned correctly. 
; It is important to unload the tool before shutting down the machine. 

O100 IF [#<tool_in_spindle> GT 0]
    G53 G0 Z -4
    M64 P2 ; move arm in
    M66 P2 L3 Q5 ; wait for arm-in = true
    O104 if [#5399 LT 0]
        (abort, failed to move arm in)
    O104 endif

    M64 P3 ; release tool
    M66 P3 L3 Q2 ; wait for tool-released = true
    O105 if [#5399 LT 0]
        (abort, failed to release tool)
    O105 endif


    G53 G0 Z0

O200 IF [#<selected_tool> GT 0]

    M68 E0 Q#<selected_pocket> ;set the carousel to move to the right pocket

    M64 P0 ; start carousel
    G4 P2
    M66 P0 L3 Q60 ; wait for carousel finished
    O107 if [#5399 LT 0]
        (abort, failed to align carousel)
    O107 endif
    O108 endif

    M64 P2 ; move arm in (might already be in)
    M66 P2 L3 Q5 ; wait for arm-in = true
    O109 if [#5399 LT 0]
        (abort, failed to move arm in)
    O109 endif

    G53 G0 Z-4 ; pick up the tool


M65 P3 ; clamp tool
M66 P3 L4 Q2 ; wait for tool-locked = true
O110 if [#5399 LT 0]
    (abort, failed to lock tool)
O110 endif

M65 P2 ; move arm back out
M66 P4 L3 Q5 ; wait for arm-out = true
O111 if [#5399 LT 0]
    (abort, failed to move arm out)
O111 endif

o<toolchange> endsub [1]

#24 Pocket tool changer, Pin at #24, also pin for each revolution
*loadrt carousel pockets=24 dir=1 encoding=index num_sense=4 <--????
#loadrt conv_float_s32 (Already loaded in sim_vmc.hal)
addf carousel.0 servo-thread
*addf conv-float-s32.2 servo-thread # G-code analogue outputs are float-type

*net car-enable motion.digital-out-00 carousel.0.enable  <---think I need to kill
*net car-ready carousel.0.ready motion.digital-in-00      <---think I need to kill

# Carousel has PIN on #24 pocket, and PIN on motor shaft for each revolution
# Looks like I need index mode and the Carousel will have to home to #24
*net car-pos-req motion.analog-out-00 conv-float-s32.2.in
*net car-pos-s32 conv-float-s32.2.out carousel.0.pocket-number   <----WTF ? 
*net bit0 carousel.0.sense-0
*net bit1 carousel.0.sense-1
*net bit2 carousel.0.sense-2
*net bit3 carousel.0.sense-3

# Mag ROTATE I think mine is unidirectional    SSR 9
*net car-fwd carousel.0.motor-fwd ppmc.0.dout.08.out
# Tool Caroseul rotate button DI29
*net jog-fwd carousel.0.jog-fwd ppmc.0.din.29.in

*loadusr sim_pin carousel.0.jog-fwd

# Orient Command             SSR 6
# Orient Complete            DI 08
net orient-spindle <= motion.spindle-orient ppmc.0.dout.05.out
net spindle-is-oriented => motion.spindle-is-oriented ppmc.0.din.07.in

# Mag POS             DI 20
*net mag-pos carousel.0.mag-pos ppmc.0.din.19.in
# Mag REF             DI 21 
*net mag-ref carousel.0.mag-ref ppmc.0.din.20.in
# Mag Right           DI 22  SSR 11
*net arm-in carousel.0.arm-in ppmc.0.din.21.in
*net arm-in-act carousel.0.arm-in-act ppmc.0.dout.10.out
# Mag Left            DI 23  SSR 12
*net arm-out carousel.0.arm-out ppmc.0.din.22.in
*net arm-out-act carousel.0.arm-out-act ppmc.0.dout.11.out

# Release Solenoid SSR 10, Tool Locked DI10, Tool Released DI11
*net release-tool (need to find something here ) ppmc.0.dout.09.out
*net tool-released (need to find something here ) ppmc.0.din.10.in
*net tool-locked (need to find something here ) ppmc.0.din.09.in
*net spindle-inhibit motion.spindle-inhibit ppmc.0.din.09.in  
net tool-prep-loop iocontrol.0.tool-prepare iocontrol.0.tool-prepared
net tool-change-loop iocontrol.0.tool-change iocontrol.0.tool-changed

20 Feb 2017 04:17 #88321 by tommylight
tommylight replied the topic: VMC tool changer questions
Jake, did you make any progress on this?
20 Feb 2017 12:03 #88333 by Jake
Jake replied the topic: VMC tool changer questions
I haven't made any progress on it. Been pretty busy and just haven't messed with it.

I think what I'm going to do is create another LinuxCNC configuration so I can mess with the tool changer without affecting the operating machine.

The Hal instances for the tool arm I'm not sure about, along with the grey code for the sensor. The tool lock/unlock I need to address also.
22 Feb 2017 17:21 #88504 by Jake
Jake replied the topic: VMC tool changer questions
I do have a question on the sub routine.

I have limit switches for

Arm IN

Also have an input for "Spindle oriented"

The M66 code says it can have 4 instances 0-3, Since I have 5 is there another way to add the input? There are two different limit switches for the Released and locked. I thought this way the timing requirements would be out, and I would be able to make sure that a tool is going to be released or properly picked up.

I have been digging through the subroutine that is on GIT and the Mcode page trying to figure it out. I am also not sure what outputs would be there to say the carousel has stopped moving, would that be a " tool prepared" hal pin from the carousel.hal?


I thought I would have
M66 P0 ; spindle oriented
M66 P1 ; Arm IN
M66 P2 ; Arm OUT
M66 P3 ; Tool RELEASED
M66 P????  ; Tool LOCKED
23 Feb 2017 12:03 #88535 by BigJohnT
BigJohnT replied the topic: VMC tool changer questions
You can change the number of analog and digital pins in your configuration.


The following user(s) said Thank You: Jake
23 Feb 2017 16:03 - 23 Feb 2017 18:08 #88545 by Jake
Jake replied the topic: VMC tool changer questions
So I just need to add num_dio=6 to the end like I did below?

Below was copied out of my PPMC load. Hal file and I added the num_dio=6 Do I need it to be [num_dio=6] or is it ok without the brackets?
#motion controller, get name and thread periods from ini file
loadrt [EMCMOT]EMCMOT servo_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]SERVO_PERIOD num_joints=[TRAJ]AXES num_dio=6 

Now on linking what happens in the .ncg file and the controller and hardware I have to create the pins in the .hal file like below right? or do I need to do something different in the hal? This is out of my toolchange_index.hal
net arm-in-act motion.ppmc.0.dout.10.out
net arm-out-act motion.ppmc.0.dout.11.out
net arm-in motion.ppmc.0.din.19.in
net arm-out motion.ppmc.0.din.20.in

net tool-release motion.ppmc.0.dout.12.out
net tool-released motion.ppmc.0.din.21.in
net tool-locked motion.ppmc.0.din.22.in

Thanks again!
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