Sercos3 Softmaster

15 Feb 2017 19:32 #88011 by roschi
roschi created the topic: Sercos3 Softmaster

I've created a first implementation of a sercos softmaster for machinekit based on that

You can get some Information and first results here

I have also tested this on a Raspbery Pi3 but this device has no "real" Ethernet controller so in fact this did not work probably (realtime capabilities).

Now I need help or hints according several topics
- What is about RTAI/LinuxCNC?
- How to set up a realiable build config / make files because the main part of the code (Sercos-Softmaster-Core) is hosted on sourceforge an includes no build files;
- Implementation of something like a config application or XML parser like the EtherCAT Driver for MachineKit (act. config is fixed coded)
- Testing any feedback about other experiences or requirements (jitter, functionality,....)
- Feedback / Discussion whether this Sercos3 Driver is senseless or has big potential...

I think the potential of sercos3 is that common Ethernet packets can be routed through the same physical cables/switches without having some like EOE (EtherNet over EtherCAT). Perhaps see the introduction here

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20 Feb 2017 04:14 #88320 by tommylight
tommylight replied the topic: Sercos3 Softmaster
I do not have to much time to check what exactly sercos means as a system, but from a short read i do not see any example where i could use it. Linuxcnc has support for ethernet and works easily with Mesa and Beckhof devices.
Thank you for pointing out, might come handy later on, or after i dig some more into it.
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