Gantry Control using Ethercat and Delta ASDA-A2 Servo Amps

05 Aug 2017 01:50 #97016 by sqmathlete
Hi All,

I am trying to setup a large gantry XXYZ using Delta Servo Amps and LinuxCNC Ethercat Hal, and completely new to CanOpen/Ethercat stuff. Currently, I am at the point of trying to set the digital input pin parameters to deltas recommended setup for gantry control. However there are some slight nuances. For example Beckhoff Twincat2 mapped the quickstop pin to pin 4 instead of the usual pin 8 since the delta asda-a2 ethercat amps only have 7 DI available on a 26 pin connector. 50 is the norm

After setting the pin parameters manually on the servo amp, I restart the amp, then open Twincat to see the updated configuration. Being new to twincat I only did this a couple of times then stopped as it not recommended due the memory being eprom? and has a limited number of times that it can be rewritten. Figured out that you only need switch to run mode and only update once you are sure of your configuration?

So basically my question is this,
Once, I have set the parameters on the servo amp, how do I or do I need to alter the PDO mapping in twincat before I create my .xml file for linuxcnc? and is 1ms appropriate for the clock cycle?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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05 Aug 2017 02:13 #97017 by sqmathlete
Correction, Twincat out put says
Drive status 4 (automatically linked):
0x01 (0000 0001) = IO data invalid
0x02 (0000 0010) = IO data input toggle

Drive status 4 (manually linked):
0x08 (1000 0000) = Fast axis Stop (digital IO interupt)

This is concerning since DI8 is not listed in the ethercat manual or available as a pin on the CN-1 26 pin connector

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