XHC-WHB04-4 Python component

10 Mar 2019 12:24 - 16 May 2020 13:01 #128225 by fixer
EDIT 2020:

The driver and sample config is now availiable on github: github.com/MZot/whb04

-written in Python
-display now works
-display is refreshed only when data actually changes and when axis selector is not in "off "state This should preserve battery life and better comply with EMC rules (not sure).
-connects directly to LinuxCNC stat channel to read values
-shows workpiece coordinates on display
-automatically switches to manual mode when operated
-reset button sends abort() command to LinuxCNC
-macro1-macro10 buttons send MDI command with o-call to subroutines with axis selector and "fn" button state as parameters #1 and #2

Tested and works with LinuxCNC 2.7. I did not test with master.
Last edit: 16 May 2020 13:01 by fixer.
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10 Mar 2019 17:20 #128251 by pl7i92
Replied by pl7i92 on topic XHC-WHB04-4 Python component
Why dont you simple use the internal XHC component
i added my personel mashine

there is a image inside ANLEITUNG JPG that tells you the functions

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23 Apr 2019 18:39 #131677 by andypugh

fixer wrote: LCD display does not work. I need some help there. If anyone knows how to send packets for strings on LCD, please tell. :) Some info about this is here: forum.planet-cnc.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1125

Is this component any good?


(The answer is likely to be "maybe not" as it rather depends on sending one character per servo-thread, and your component runs in userspace rather than in a realtime thread)

Is there any chance that a common component could support bit XHC types?

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23 Apr 2019 20:42 #131690 by fixer
Replied by fixer on topic XHC-WHB04-4 Python component

Is this component any good?

No. It is an usb transmission, it is also not realtime.
XHC expects packet for string in some weird format, it shouldn't be hard to generate it, but I didn't bother with it.

Is there any chance that a common component could support bit XHC types?

Yes, this should be simple. Different devices have different usb PIDs. I would try to connect to the first one, if that fails the script should continue to try with the other PID.

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31 Aug 2019 07:43 #143708 by serafim
Thanks for the script! I had to grant permitions to make it work.

Create file /etc/udev/rules.d/99-my.rules and add a line in it:
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="10ce", ATTR{idProduct}=="eb93", MODE="666"

Reload udev with "sudo udevadm trigger" and unplug/plug adapter.

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31 Aug 2019 07:51 - 31 Aug 2019 07:54 #143711 by pl7i92
Replied by pl7i92 on topic XHC-WHB04-4 Python component
her is my main hal for the xhc i use on lots of mashines 4plasmas
loadusr -W xhc-hb04 -I mars_xyz_xhc.ini -H -s 4
#loadusr -W xhc-hb04 -H -I wbcnc_2.7.9.ini -s 4
loadrt flipflop names=flipflop_resume,flipflop_pause,flipflop_run,flipflop_icon
addf flipflop_resume servo-thread
addf flipflop_pause servo-thread
addf flipflop_run servo-thread
addf flipflop_icon servo-thread

# RESET/ESTOP button
loadrt multiclick names=click_estop,click_macro1,click_zero,click_spindel,click_stop,click_mode,click_macro2,click_macro3,click_probe_z
addf click_estop servo-thread 
addf click_mode servo-thread 
addf click_macro2 servo-thread 
addf click_probe_z servo-thread 
#click_probe_z in postgui

net xhc-macro2 xhc-hb04.button-macro-2 => click_macro2.in
net xhc-mode xhc-hb04.button-mode => click_mode.in
net estop-xhbutton xhc-hb04.button-reset => click_estop.in
net estop-activated halui.estop.activate <= click_estop.single-click
net estop-reset halui.estop.reset <= click_estop.double-click

# Home button
addf click_macro3 servo-thread 
net xhc-macro3 xhc-hb04.button-macro-3 => click_macro3.in
net home halui.home-all <= click_macro3.double-click

# maschine on/off
addf click_macro1 servo-thread 
net maschine-on-off-xhbutton xhc-hb04.button-macro-1 => click_macro1.in
net joy-mashine-off halui.machine.off <= click_macro1.single-click
net joy-mashine-on halui.machine.on <= click_macro1.double-click

# Program control
addf click_stop servo-thread
net button-stop xhc-hb04.button-stop => click_stop.in
net stop-prog-run halui.program.stop <= click_stop.single-click
net set-prog-to-start click_stop.double-click => halui.mdi-command-12 
net button-start-pause xhc-hb04.button-start-pause => flipflop_pause.clk flipflop_resume.clk flipflop_run.clk
net is-paused halui.program.is-paused => flipflop_resume.data flipflop_pause.reset 
net is-running halui.program.is-running => flipflop_pause.data flipflop_run.reset flipflop_resume.reset
net is-idle halui.program.is-idle => flipflop_run.data
net resume flipflop_resume.out => halui.program.resume
net pause flipflop_pause.out => halui.program.pause
net run flipflop_run.out => halui.mode.auto halui.program.run
net step xhc-hb04.button-rewind => halui.program.step

# Absolute position LCD
net pos-x halui.axis.0.pos-feedback => xhc-hb04.x.pos-relative
net pos-y halui.axis.1.pos-feedback => xhc-hb04.y.pos-relative
net pos-z halui.axis.2.pos-feedback => xhc-hb04.z.pos-relative
net pos-a halui.axis.3.pos-feedback => xhc-hb04.a.pos-absolute

# Relative position LCD
net pos-rel-x halui.axis.0.pos-relative => xhc-hb04.x.pos-absolute
net pos-rel-y halui.axis.1.pos-relative => xhc-hb04.y.pos-absolute
net pos-rel-z halui.axis.2.pos-relative => xhc-hb04.z.pos-absolute
net pos-rel-a halui.axis.3.pos-relative => xhc-hb04.a.pos-relative
# jog Speed
loadrt mux8 count=2
addf mux8.0 servo-thread
addf mux8.1 servo-thread
#wheel speed per tick
setp mux8.0.in0 0
setp mux8.0.in1 0.1
setp mux8.0.in2 0.5
setp mux8.0.in3 0
setp mux8.0.in4 1
#speed for moving axes  
setp mux8.1.in0 0 # this one must be 0 to prevent motion unless a button is pressed
setp mux8.1.in1 250
setp mux8.1.in2 1000
setp mux8.1.in3 0
setp mux8.1.in4 2500

# step logic
loadrt updown count=1
addf updown.0 servo-thread
setp updown.0.wrap true
setp updown.0.min 0
setp updown.0.max 6
net stepcount updown.0.countup <= xhc-hb04.button-step => xhc-hb04.stepsize-up
#reset step to zero
net updownreset updown.0.reset <= click_mode.single-click
#convert count s32 to float 
loadrt conv_s32_float count=1
addf conv-s32-float.0 servo-thread
net conv-step  conv-s32-float.0.in updown.0.count
#step signal compare
loadrt comp count=7
addf comp.0 servo-thread
addf comp.1 servo-thread
addf comp.2 servo-thread
addf comp.3 servo-thread
addf comp.4 servo-thread
addf comp.5 servo-thread
addf comp.6 servo-thread

setp comp.0.in0 0
setp comp.1.in0 1
setp comp.2.in0 2
setp comp.3.in0 3
setp comp.4.in0 4
setp comp.5.in0 5
setp comp.6.in0 6
loadrt or2 count=5
addf or2.0 servo-thread
addf or2.1 servo-thread
addf or2.2 servo-thread
addf or2.3 servo-thread
addf or2.4 servo-thread

net stepcounter-out conv-s32-float.0.out => comp.0.in1 comp.1.in1 comp.2.in1 comp.3.in1 comp.4.in1 comp.5.in1 comp.6.in1
#jog scale selector from step to mux 
net scale-selectorA mux8.0.sel0 <= comp.1.equal => or2.0.in0 
net scale-selectorB mux8.0.sel1 <= comp.2.equal => or2.0.in1
net scale-selectorC mux8.0.sel2 <= comp.3.equal => or2.1.in0
net led-wheel-sectorA or2.1.in1 <= or2.0.out
# postgui net pyvc-led-wheel or2.1.out => pyvcp.wheel_select 
net jog-scale mux8.0.out => axis.0.jog-scale axis.1.jog-scale axis.2.jog-scale axis.3.jog-scale
net joy-speed-1 mux8.1.sel0 <= comp.4.equal => or2.2.in0
net joy-speed-2 mux8.1.sel1 <= comp.5.equal => or2.2.in1
net joy-speed-3 mux8.1.sel2 <= comp.6.equal => or2.3.in0
net led-button-sectorA or2.3.in1 <= or2.2.out
# postgui net pyvc-led-button or2.3.out => pyvcp.button_select 
net joy-speed-final halui.jog-speed <= mux8.1.out

#logic for Button velomotion
loadrt and2 count=12
addf and2.0  servo-thread #Jog positiv X
addf and2.1  servo-thread
addf and2.2  servo-thread
addf and2.3  servo-thread #jog negativ X
addf and2.4  servo-thread 
addf and2.5  servo-thread
addf and2.6  servo-thread # Zeroing X
addf and2.7  servo-thread
addf and2.8  servo-thread
addf and2.9  servo-thread #a plus
addf and2.10  servo-thread #a minus
addf and2.11  servo-thread #azero

# Jog wheel and axis selection button
net jog-x axis.0.jog-enable <= xhc-hb04.jog.enable-x => and2.0.in0 and2.3.in0 and2.6.in0
net jog-y axis.1.jog-enable <= xhc-hb04.jog.enable-y => and2.1.in0 and2.4.in0 and2.7.in0
net jog-z axis.2.jog-enable <= xhc-hb04.jog.enable-z => and2.2.in0 and2.5.in0 and2.8.in0
net jog-a axis.3.jog-enable <= xhc-hb04.jog.enable-a and2.9.in0 and2.10.in0 and2.11.in0

net joy-pos xhc-hb04.button-macro-7 and2.3.in1 and2.4.in1 and2.5.in1 and2.9.in1
net joy-neg xhc-hb04.button-macro-6 => and2.0.in1 and2.1.in1 and2.2.in1 and2.10.in1

net jog-counts xhc-hb04.jog.counts => axis.0.jog-counts axis.1.jog-counts 
net jog-counts-neg xhc-hb04.jog.counts-neg => axis.2.jog-counts
#net jog-speed halui.jog-speed <= halui.max-velocity.value

net joy-xpos-jog halui.jog.0.plus <= and2.3.out 
net joy-xneg-jog halui.jog.0.minus <= and2.0.out 
net joy-ypos-jog halui.jog.1.plus <= and2.4.out 
net joy-yneg-jog halui.jog.1.minus <= and2.1.out 
net joy-zpos-jog halui.jog.2.plus <= and2.5.out 
net joy-zneg-jog halui.jog.2.minus <= and2.2.out 
net joy-apos-jog halui.jog.3.plus <= and2.9.out 
net joy-aneg-jog halui.jog.3.minus <= and2.10.out 

# Wheel for feedrate and spindle
setp halui.feed-override.scale 0.1
net jog-counts => halui.feed-override.counts
net jog-feed halui.feed-override.count-enable <= xhc-hb04.jog.enable-feed-override
net jog-feed2 halui.feed-override.value => xhc-hb04.feed-override

setp halui.spindle-override.scale 0.01
net jog-counts => halui.spindle-override.counts
net jog-spindle halui.spindle-override.count-enable <= xhc-hb04.jog.enable-spindle-override
net jog-spindle2 halui.spindle-override.value => xhc-hb04.spindle-override
net spindle-rps motion.spindle-speed-cmd-rps => xhc-hb04.spindle-rps

#net reset-jog updown.0.reset <= click_mode.single-click 
net goto-partzero xhc-hb04.button-goto-zero => halui.mdi-command-03
net park halui.mdi-command-04 <= xhc-hb04.button-home
net safe-z halui.mdi-command-05 xhc-hb04.button-safe-z

# X=0, Y=0, Z=0 XYZ=0
addf click_zero servo-thread 
net xh-button-zero xhc-hb04.button-zero => click_zero.in
net zerobutton-single-click click_zero.single-click => and2.6.in1 and2.7.in1 and2.8.in1 and2.11.in1
net zerobutton-double-click click_zero.double-click =>  halui.mdi-command-06

net x0 halui.mdi-command-00 and2.6.out
net y0 halui.mdi-command-01 and2.7.out
net z0 halui.mdi-command-02 and2.8.out
#net a0 halui.mdi-command-02 and2.11.out

# halfzero
net halfzero-x  halui.mdi-command-07 <= xhc-hb04.button-half-x
net halfzero-y  halui.mdi-command-08 <= xhc-hb04.button-half-y

#plasma torch 
addf click_spindel servo-thread 
net xh-button-spindel xhc-hb04.button-spindle => click_spindel.in
net plasma-off halui.mdi-command-09 <= click_spindel.single-click
net plasma-on halui.mdi-command-10 <= click_spindel.double-click
net plasma-thc-on halui.mdi-command-11 <= click_spindel.triple-click

#load gcode by double click the macro2
net xhloadfile click_macro2.double-click => halui.mdi-command-13
#test icons 
#net is-running => xhc-hb04.icon-cycle
#net test-icon xhc-hb04.button-macro-7 => xhc-hb04.hb-mode 
#net home-icon halui.joint.0.is-homed xhc-hb04.icon-ref
#net in-position => xhc-hb04.icon-pos
# this needs to be set in postgui file
#net reseterror click_mode.double-click => axisui.notifications-clear

the coresponding INI

HALUI = halui
HALFILE = mars_xyz_xhc.hal
HALFILE = custom.hal
HALFILE = xhc-hb04.hal
POSTGUI_HALFILE = custom_postgui_hb04.hal

# HalUI-MDI-Befehle hier einf├╝gen (max. 64) erste =MDI 0
MDI_COMMAND=G0 G53 X50 Y460 Z-25
MDI_COMMAND=o<halfx> call
MDI_COMMAND=o<halfy> call
MDI_COMMAND = o<znullen> call
MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 X 0.0 M100
MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 Y 0.0 M100
MDI_COMMAND = G10 L20 P1 X0.0 Y0.0 M100
MDI_COMMAND = G54 G1 X0.0 Y0.0 F2000
MDI_COMMAND = G53 G1 X50.0 Y460.0 Z-10 F800
Last edit: 31 Aug 2019 07:54 by pl7i92. Reason: more info

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31 Aug 2019 08:17 #143713 by serafim
Thanks, pl7i92. Can you or somebody share hal for the WHB04B? I can see that designated pins work but drives are not moving. I guess I'm missing some pin connection.
loadusr -W whb04b
net axis0jogenable axis.x.jog-enable whb04b.sel_x
net axis1jogenable axis.y.jog-enable whb04b.sel_y
net axis2jogenable axis.z.jog-enable whb04b.sel_z
net joginc whb04b.inc
net joginc axis.x.jog-scale
net joginc axis.y.jog-scale
net joginc axis.z.jog-scale
net jogcnts whb04b.mpg_cnt
net jogcnts axis.x.jog-counts
net jogcnts axis.y.jog-counts
net jogcnts axis.z.jog-counts
setp axis.x.jog-vel-mode 1
setp axis.y.jog-vel-mode 1
setp axis.z.jog-vel-mode 1

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31 Aug 2019 14:46 #143727 by pl7i92
Replied by pl7i92 on topic XHC-WHB04-4 Python component
this is only the base connection
So do you got a COMP called whb04b
otherwise use the internal for the base XHC it will work for all pins

its alot more to be connected to run the B version
WHERE are the BUTTONS Discribed INI file

loadusr -W xhc-hb04 -H -I wbcnc_2.7.9.ini -s 4


you need to understand how the postgui system workes together with HALUI
Get signal from external and do somthing in the servo tread time

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16 May 2020 13:06 #167967 by fixer
Replied by fixer on topic XHC-WHB04-4 Python component
I edited fist post, component is now on github.
It does behave a bit different, it produces much less traffic on the USB bus than the "official" driver.
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