TinkerBoard GPIO SPI ETHERNET hal setup.

13 Apr 2019 18:30 #130784 by berin
I'm just getting started on this phase of my project. My ultimate goal is to use the TinkerBoard for a linuxcnc machine. Progress so far I've built multi "full preempt RT" kernels so far. I've gotten linuxcnc built and proven functional, now I'm working on getting the HAL working. I have gotten a number of files from different sources. Hal_GPIO.C . At this point I'm looking for guidance and reasons for how I should setup the tinkerboard. My current goal is to use the GPIO as a direct step/dir and other control logic IO. My runner up will be SPI or Ethernet. I know the tinkerboard is not the most powerful computer out there. But its 2x as powerful as an RPI, 2x the memory. And I have seen working examples online of people using the tinkerboard. My end goal is to be able to offer a working SD image for the tinkerboard that all anyone has to do is download write to an SD and boot the tinker, adjust settings as needed done.
This is the shell that I have built photos.app.goo.gl/GvprVxFfbKAWY7VR7 and other info forum.armbian.com/topic/10007-tinker-boa...-working-free-offer/

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14 Apr 2019 08:23 #130831 by pl7i92
Hi there is a german projekt using this system
it is already running at ETH
you may can use all this files

look German Section Arduino Raspberry

you can also use your own component to get it run as you are alredy in RT
just output the halpins to your GPIO
see linuxcnc.org/docs/html/man/man1/
linuxcncrsh component

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