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Sounds like Tormach is using  a safety relay in conjunction with estop-latch in hal.
Thats the behaviour I get with a safety relay. I had decided I needed a green button like yours to avoid powering off the machine to allow it to be restarted.

Of sorts, I guess. It's a magnetic contactor (a form of relay, I know) which is latching due to the way they have it wired. They just use the contactor to provide power to the works. I put the schematic below if you or anyone else is curious (it's from their publicly available manual, so nothing proprietary here).

I will be using the mill today, and I want to upgrade to their latest, which requires adding my encoder mods back into their various files again, so I'll have a look to see if they have any estop latching in hal.

The thing that I always thought was interesting about Tormach, that I never ventured down the path of "how do they pull that off" is that you can launch Pathpilot without any power to their "machine control board" (ahem, proprietary Mesa board). Where LCNC will fail in this case due to the pins not existing, the only ramification with a Tormach is that you wont be able to click RESET.

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