Emco Turn 120 CNC, Toolchanger questions

02 Apr 2015 02:26 #57405 by Oscmol

I am totally new to this forum and i am trying to learn more about Linux CNC.
I have bought my self an Emco Turn 120 CNC Lathe that is in really great shape.
I will not use any of the orginal drives and motors.
The plan is to put on an Omron 5kw Servo motor on the spindel and 2 smaller Omron servo motors on 0.4kw for the 2 axis.

My idea is to keep the dc motor inside the toolchanger and i have just found a guy that makes an complete circuit board for these tool changers.

The thing is that this works 100% with Mach3 but does anyone know if it will work with Linux also?
The guy told me that he have sold one to someone that is running Linux cnc but he had no more info.

Or do someone have any other great ideas to keep this motor and get it to work good?

Please let me know your thoughts.


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02 Apr 2015 14:54 #57421 by ArcEye

It has all been done before by Bad_German who adapted my component for the Orac


Search threads of 'all dates' with user 'Bad_German' and you should quickly find the relevant threads


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