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08 Jul 2015 23:15 #60526 by acweissbrodt
Hello together,
My goal is, to retrofit a Gildemeister ( same machine as Topic Gearshift of a Gildemeister Lathe...)
2 Axis with +/- 10V analog DC Amp (SIMOREG ) and quad. Feedback
1 Spindle with +/-10V Amp ( Baumueller ) and quad feedback
1 Turret (Sauter ) 12 pos ac Motor 4 bit position coder 1bit pos reached, 1 bit lock position
Hydr. powerchuck, autom Lube pump, 2 shift gear.
General Mechatronics Axis and Feedback cards, RS485 I/O cards

My problem: The first Step
how to come from SIM ( gmoccapy ) to real I/O at the machine
there are 3 hals at the lathe.ini: core_sim.hal, Spindle_sim.hal, simulated_home.hal
I am not sure what is left over from simulation loop ( command-> simulated feedback )
Maybe it would helpful to read a halfile of a working machine (best analog controlled )
Thank you for any suggestion

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08 Jul 2015 23:51 - 09 Jul 2015 00:08 #60527 by ArcEye

Trying to convert a sim to a working config is really back to front, especially when you have no familiarity with the issues involved.

gmmocapy is a bad place to start too, it is a GUI but complicates some issues which would be best established with a standard Axis interface, then migrated.

Look in the sample configs

There is a sample config for General Mechatronics GM6 with servos.
Assuming you have a PCI card connecting to your axis and feedback cards, that is a starting point.

Take out the Y axis and all the home and limit switches to start with, so you are just trying to move axes and the spindle.

Unfortunately pncconf cannot use GM cards, so you will have to do it by hand.

Attached is a zipped config folder, which all things being equal, might get you started.
It is just a quick hack, doing what I outlined above


EDIT: just updated zip, couple of bits were not saved when i included the hal file
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