Multipul tools per turret channel?

20 Apr 2017 20:18 #91720 by monit111
monit111 replied the topic: Multipul tools per turret channel?
Hi Bevins

I don't just need ten tools I'm trying to get as much as possible.

I have designed an 8 position lathe turret. that part is nothing special many good guys have done that.
mine is different it can take 8 live tools of of turret is 200mm like tools run at 6000 rpm with a 3KW servo motor (can do tapping)

now because this is only 8 tools I wanted to try an max the amount of tools it can take so say I design a live tool head that can also take a boring bar to the side or a turning insert. other factor to take on board is this turret will go on a machine with a sub spindle so doubling up on the tools is key for me.

hope this makes sense?

I have sent of for things to get machined and will start coding it as soon as it all gets here. thanks
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