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03 Dec 2017 20:16 #102625 by thewho
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It's been a while since I posted anything here :)
Today I was playing with the G33 "Spindle Synchronized Motion". Initially I was trying to make a extrusion screw for no particular reason other than to see if it could be done.
That's a "straight - tapered - straight thread"
I tried three sets of G33 in sequence but that more or less messed up in the transitions. I guess it could be done (more) successfully if you make the start/stop positions intersect better with the spindle index signal.
Anyway, that was not a reliable way to do it so I gave up on that idea..

Then I tried threading with a grooving tool, it was surely fun but not revolutionary by any means.

After that I got to thinking about a "fake knurl" pattern.
Sure enough, a while loop to increment Z 1mm for every G33 pass and I had the pattern shown in the attached image.
We're now arriving at my question in all this..
I need to do the same pattern "back to front" but because of the shoulder in the stock it's not possible to offset the start position. Sooner or later you're going to end up with a tool buried in the chuck jaws..
I'm not looking for a "extend the stock more" answer here. That would work in this particular scenario but not for the part I want to use this method on.
A "angular offset" from the index pulse would be great but as far as I know that is not possible?

Bonus question: Any way you could make the screw (in my Lcnc lathe) I was talking about in the beginning of this thread?
03 Dec 2017 22:15 #102629 by tecno
Replied by tecno on topic Playing with G33

Is it this what you are looking for?

06 Dec 2017 17:40 #102728 by andypugh
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