Spindle bearings and chatter

05 Jun 2018 12:12 #111669 by russkinch
Hey all. I have just built my own CNC lathe from a Warco lathe. Works great BUT, I am getting alot of chatter when turning steel. I have made sure all tools are tight, new spindle bearings, no play in slides, all new ball screws. I have read that the spindle bearings may not be up to scratch. I was wondering what people have used when they have built their own lathes from scratch. Please help as its starting to ruin the fun of building this machine. Cheers
05 Jun 2018 12:35 #111673 by AnnoyingMutt
Not a warco but I did see a dramatic improvement on my 7x14 mini lathe by doing the following.
1: Removed the compound slide and made a solid tool-post riser to take up the height from the missing compound slide.
2: Replaced the spindle roller bearings with taper roller bearings (angular contact bearings may be an option). Which ever may you go check the speed ratings just to be sure.
3: Lapping the cross slide dovetails can help (no need to go whole hog and scrape them) to reduce rock, don't rely on the gibs to do this.

Below is a good article on prepping a mini lathe, although not the same as a warco, it is a good read and may give some tips on checking the saddle & cross slide fit.
Try to reduce any tight spots that maybe found when pushing the saddle across the bed.
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05 Jun 2018 21:52 #111706 by russkinch
I also discovered that having 2 microsteps is FAR worse than 16. I set it up to having 16 microsteps instead of 2 and motors much quieter and also 96% chatter has gone. I will look into what you suggested. Many thanks.
06 Jun 2018 23:36 #111802 by andypugh
Try a smaller tip radius if using inserts.

What feed, cut and speed are you using?

If cycling spindle override helps to break the resonance then consider using HAL siggen to do that automatically.
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