Adding Y axis to lathe setup

15 Jun 2018 15:33 #112408 by bally123
Ok so I have a 3 axis vertical mill - its a study old beast and if I mount some jobs on the spindle actaully makes a nice little lathe.

So i want to create a separate configuration to use it in this mode.

Using axis GUI I want a 2 axis lathe graphic - with tool tip shape
I want the read out in diameter mode on x axis
I will mount the lathe tool from fixed positions on the bed, so i really only need the y axis mod to centre (jog) the tool to the job.
It would be nice to rotate the graphics to match the vertical spindle real world oreientation

I am using mesa kit so plan on starting with pnpconf for an XYZ set up, and then set lathe to 1 in the .ini

I understand I this disables a few things so I then need to modify (where is this found??)

I found some pointers in a thread below, including enable the y axis radio button when in lathe mode.

Any suggestions for the other objectives would be greatly appreciated

15 Jun 2018 16:02 #112413 by bally123
Ok so I am a step closer. Set up as xyz and set axis display in lathe mode

Figured it was just far easier to configure my HB04 wireless mpg and use that to position y axis. No need to enable y axis radio button after all....

If I can find i will modify the key bindings so at least up/down is z axis and left/right is x axis to match the vertical spindle

Be good to rotate the Graphics window 90 deg

Again any pointers appreciated.

15 Jun 2018 17:53 #112423 by bally123
Ok, A bit further forward is found in usr/bin/axis

I have corrected the keyboard mappings:

if lathe:
bind_axis("Left", "Right", 0)
bind_axis("Up", "Down", 2)

This means up down are driving my vertical z axis.

In an attempt to rotate the graphics window I edited these sections commenting out the lines shown with#

def tkRotate(self, event):
#if lathe: return
Opengl.tkRotate(self, event)
self.perspective = True
above The first comment marker allows me to rotate the graphics view using the mouse wheel press

root_window.bind("v", commands.set_view_y)
root_window.bind("d", "")
widgets.menu_view.delete(0, 5)

The second # allows me snap back to the original Y axis view using a button on the toolbar

Its not ideal but it is a work around for now......

To get this rotated by 90 degrees as default start up I really need someone who understands this stuff, my experimenting (luck) has got as far as its going to...

19 Jun 2018 16:46 #112592 by andypugh
The D button seems to toggle rotate mode, though I am not sure what effect that actually has. The wheel button seems to have an effect too (presumably that means mouse wheel button if pressed while dragging)

axis uses o.set_view to control the vieport, and I think that "o" here is the glcanon widget, though I can't see a set_view in there so perhaps it is ?
20 Jun 2018 19:40 #112655 by bally123
Hi Andy Thanks for the input.

I have managed to use the rotation with mouse wheel to some effect. However I now see bigger issues in my way.

The graphic rotate 360 degrees about z axis but limited 180 about X, Y axis cannot be rotated. So this means I cannot rotate the about X axis on the screen to get Z to match my vertical machine.

I was playing with tool table last night, the tool tip graphic also disappears if you rotate the graphic past certain thresholds, again this is a PITA as even if I could orientate the graphic as I want to I would loose the Tip graphic and that was one of my main objectives.

I feel this is becoming a much bigger mountain than I first anticipated.....
20 Jun 2018 19:46 #112656 by andypugh
I am beginning to think that it might be easiest to do the rotation mentally.
20 Jun 2018 19:50 #112658 by bally123
I think your right....:)

However maybe there is one more option, my monitor is actually mounted on a gas sprung arm, I guess as a workaround I could spin the monitor 90....:woohoo:
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