Tool table set up.

06 Oct 2019 16:59 #147271 by usert_l
Tool table set up. was created by usert_l
Regarding the tool table setup, I am still a little confused about how to determine which side of the cutting tool makes for the front angle and which side makes up for the back angle. I do understand the tool position and center line angle; those seem pretty straightforward based on the Figure 3.33 in the LinuxCNC document.

I attached a drawing for a tool mounted on the lathe's cross slide. It's a normal tool mounted in front to the stock and cut from right side to left side. In this case, how to I determine which of A or B is the front and the other is the back so that I can figure out the frontangle and backangle? Also, the diameter of the tool is just simply the diameter of the cutting tip, does that sound correct?


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09 Oct 2019 03:47 #147528 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Tool table set up.
I think your diagram is correct, with A as frontangle and B as backangle.

It isn't particularly critical at the moment, as they only matter for the graphical preview, LinuxCNC does not currently use them for anything (but may in future, there are experimental G71 routines out there that use the angles.

The diameter does matter if you are using cutter compensation, but even then only for cuts that are not pure X or pure Z. With the wrong tool tip radius fillets and radii will have fractionally wrong radius sizes. Though this very rarely maters.

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