Select hardware for lathe

31 Aug 2020 14:52 #180173 by Tecnoworld
i´m new in LinuxCNC. I have a lathe with a old Fanuc 8055T controller.
The lathe has a main spindle drive with servo/resolver (also step/dir) and additional encoder. Max rpm 10.000, but I will use only up to 8000.
The axis are servo drives with step/dir.
The toolchanger (12 tools) has also motorized tools (servo drive step/dir) (max. rpm 10.000)
The chuck is pneumatic driven.

I will use threading, spindel orientation (for milling), spindle synchronized tools.
I need one MPG.

I will use a small PC, Touchscreen, axis selection and Jog Speed, also Start/Stop, open Chuck as hardware buttons.
I would use an external controler by ethernet, like the 7i76E, can I do this with this hardware?

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31 Aug 2020 16:50 #180186 by Tecnoworld
I forgot, I must connect also a semaphore lamp (red/green/yellow), all the security things (driver failure, door open, maintenance switch, etc..), and a 3D-probe.
For non timecritical inputs/outputs can I also use a additional modbus I/O, if it is supported.
The toolchanger I can connect with BCD-Code and ready signals (needs a lot of outputs), also with modbus.

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31 Aug 2020 17:10 #180190 by cmorley
Replied by cmorley on topic Select hardware for lathe
so you need 4 step generators. (XZ axis,spindle,tool motor)
one high speed encoder counter for the spindle
one slow speed encode counter for the MPG

how is the toolchanger run?
count the number of inputs and outputs you require.
Do you know the voltage requirements of the inputs and outputs?
modbus is possible just tricky to get to working.

This will be a difficult project to get all functions you want.
spindle orientation and C axis milling on a lathe is not a well tread setup.
Meaning there are not a lot of samples or documentation of the best way to do it.

The basic lathe control will be relatively easy - step/dir makes things easier.
Be prepared to spend more time then you think to do this.
keep us up to date on your progress and ask lots of questions.

The 7i76e has 32 inputs and 16 outputs, it can be expanded with SSerial daughter boards.
It has 5 stepgens so I think you are covered

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