CAM for lathe? What are folks using successfully?

05 Aug 2012 17:23 - 05 Aug 2012 17:25 #22852 by dangercraft
It take between 4 and 16 hours from initial inspection to finish cut depending on what shape the wheel is in. Here is a picture of the lathe with a wheel mounted. Its kind of an ugly setup, I hope to make it better gradually this year. Tonight Ill post a new thread with more pictures outlining the setup, process and planned upgrades.


Edit: Its not letting me upload the pictures directly from my phone. . . says its to big. Tonight Ill resize then end put them on the new thread.
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05 Aug 2012 20:27 #22871 by BigJohnT
laserted wrote:

John -
Although I may have been feeling "6 feet under" on occasion, I'm hoping it wasn't that bad. To be honest, the forum still hasn't seemed to have taken up the reins from the mailing list like one may have wished. That, and there really wasn't any real activity to the post!

I don't think there ever was any expectations for the forum to take over the mailing list. Some like the forum, some like the mailing list and some like the IRC... the forum just extends the user base to those folks that like this form of communication.

I didn't mean your were dead but this post was or at least in hibernation it seems now :)


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