Help selecting a Spindle, PWM drive and encoder

11 Dec 2009 21:32 #1303 by garymcrobertpdx
Is there anyone out there who would share their
design experience when configuring their mill spindle?

Which DC motors perform best? Horsepower, voltage
and manufacture. Also The PWM drive home brew or
purchased and finally the feedback encoder and HAL
code fragment to make it all work.


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12 Dec 2009 02:58 #1305 by Kirk_Wallace
I wrote a semi-long reply and lost it when I hit submit, I think because my login times out. In short...

My SCR controller notes:
works very well with built-in back-EMF speed feedback, but will need an encoder for electronic gearing applications, such as rigid tapping.

With DC 90 VDC or more:
remove two capacitors for spindle applications.

1HP and smaller three phase VFD's and motors are getting cheap, work well with single phase input, integrates well with EMC2 with DAC and or Modbus

Home brewing above a couple of hundred Watts is asking for a pile of burnt components.
Kirk Wallace
California, USA

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