06 Mar 2010 16:15 #2214 by karl1
SoftDMC was created by karl1
Help! I wanted to try to use the SoftDMC firmware portion of my Mesa 5i20 card. The problem is that I cannot find anywhere in the manuals, website or Googling, a description as to how to interface with the firmware. The manual describes where the bits fall in sequence and the commands needed to manipulate bits, but I am lost as to "talk" to the firmware. Am I missing something? I was assuming that once the card was recognised in the computer, one could use a software program to poke around, and check/set bits. Am I missing this software? I can't believe that there isn't a step by step instructions as to how this can be done. Any guidance would be appreciated. Currently using a Linux PC, but willing to move the card to a Windows PC if needed.


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