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16 Apr 2010 04:34 - 16 Apr 2010 04:35 #2618 by reinier
Hello EMC community

I apologize for my English so bad, I'm Hispanic-speaking and my writing skills in English are somewhat archaic.

I am happy to join the community of EMC and the following lines try to explain my project.

I am a young engineering graduate in 2006 from Computer Engineering in Automation in Havana Cuba. Currently working as a university professor I am working on my Master's Thesis. My intention is to recover CNC machines in good mechanical condition, but without CNC control system.

In fact, in this moment I am working on a CNC machine Alecoop in perfect mechanical condition and with its engines at a similar stage.

Our intentions (also I have two students working with me and in their thesis) is to develop a PLC to connect to EMC2 preferably by USB. This PLC function as speed and current controller of the power units are also responsible for the care of the limit switches, interfaces for "on" and "off" the machine, manipulators for manual control, etc. On the other hand, the EMC software would act as Numerical Control Kernel (NCK) and Human Machine Interface (MMI).

The heart of PLC modules will be a dedicated DSP for motor control, AD Converters with 10 and 12-bit resolution, several PWM and QEI modules. The software will be supported with FreeRTOS and the purpose of this device is to control the motor drivers with high precision.

And, of course, our intention is to develop this project under the philosophy of free software and make the results available to everyone.

Our hope is to get help from this community for this project with their responses and comments.

Thanks for your attention
Reinier Torres

Now, please suggestions about this project, we need your ideas and recommendations.
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17 Apr 2010 17:46 #2621 by cmorley
This talks about EMC / HAL 's timing model and hardware interface.
USB is not a good mix for EMC unless you can find a working realtime spec for it.

It sounds like you want to take the low level control away from EMC which is actually against the idea of EMC.

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