Scaling THCAD-10 input

11 Mar 2017 02:11 #89392 by rodw
rodw created the topic: Scaling THCAD-10 input
I want to use the THCAD-10 with a 20 volt input range.

PCW has already told me my maths sucked and I need to use 100k resistors.

What is not clear is if resistors are required on both the Analog In + and Analog In -

The manual says resistors in one place and resistor in another. Can somebody please clarify this please?
11 Mar 2017 15:24 #89421 by PCW
PCW replied the topic: Scaling THCAD-10 input
In your case its not too important where the resistor(s) go.
As long as you add a total of 100K series resistance to the inputs
you will have a 20V full scale range.
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