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Nitram created the topic: Fadal Retrofit
Hello all! ;)

This is a re-posted from another topic as the question has evolved to be more of a driver board question and is thus possibly better suited to this area.

I'm now at the stage of buying cards for the Linux CNC retrofit of this DC FADAL. Was a DC servo motor machine with resolvers.
Am keeping the DC axis motors, but going to use incremental encoders (ditching the resolvers).

Currently a 4 axis machine, and currently also has an encoder on the spindle for rigid tap.

The parts I “think” I need are the following, can you please confirm that these parts will work together, or if you recommend a better solution.

2x 7i29 2 axis servo drives giving me 4 axis total
1x 5i22-1 Motion card
2x 7i37 for isolated machine side i/o
1x 7184 for pendant side i/o including MPG connection

If I am correct these cards will take up 3 of the 50way connectors on the 5i22, leaving me another slot spare for future expansion if needed.

Thanks for everyone's insight!
Kind regards,
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