7i76E daughter card compatability

13 Mar 2018 18:10 #107288 by larry_no11

I have a 7i76E (currently driving my 3 axis mill), and I would like to add 3 encoders to my steppers (so I don't lose steps).
As far as I understand, I need to get a daughter card for the extra encoder inputs. However, I am a bit lost which daughter cards are compatible.
Would either of these cards work:
And if they do, would I connect them to the 26 pin expansion on the 7i76E?

13 Mar 2018 18:39 #107289 by Todd Zuercher
You would use a 7i85 (or 7i85s) and connect it to the 26 pin expansion port with something like this.
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13 Mar 2018 19:04 - 13 Mar 2018 19:05 #107292 by DanMN
I've considered something similar, and was hoping I could do it on the 7i76e without a daughter card. I know you can repurpose the spindle encoder channel on the 7i76e -- and I was hoping I could use the MPG encoder inputs. That would be 3 axes if it worked. I'm guessing your research indicated it doesn't -- or are you running a pendant and using them already?
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13 Mar 2018 19:18 #107293 by Todd Zuercher
The MPG inputs might not be fast enough, and there are probably other reasons they are not suitable for positioning.

It is possible to use the bare pins from the expansion ports with the right firmware loaded, but you will be limited to TTL signals for your encoder inputs.
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