Install the Latest Mesaflash

08 Aug 2018 13:35 - 08 Aug 2018 14:35 #115807 by BigJohnT
I've downloaded the latest version of mesaflash and followed the two instructions to build mesaflash.
sudo apt-get install libpci-dev

I'm drawing a blank on how to install it on this PC (Linux Mint).

Edit: I tried to build a deb so I could install that but get and error
dpkg-deb --build mesaflash
dpkg-deb: error: failed to open package info file `mesaflash/DEBIAN/control' for reading: Not a directory

These are the files in debian
changelog  compat  control  copyright  rules  source  watch

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08 Aug 2018 15:03 #115812 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic Install the Latest Mesaflash
Since mesaflash is just a single small executable with no support files there's not much of a downside to just installing it:

(sudo make install)
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08 Aug 2018 15:35 #115816 by BigJohnT
Peter thanks, I uninstalled the version I had then did the sudo make install.

I wish the had that bit of information...

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