Mesa 7i96 spindle encoder on Lathe

06 Aug 2019 16:06 #141533 by pmconsulting
Thanks, Andy! Sorry I got that confused & I really appreciate the pointer to NativeCAM.

One thing I wish this forum had is a feature that would put the key links & instructions for a topic as a sticky post at the top of each discussion wherever it's useful. Some of the NativeCAM posts start with a download file, followed by pages of users' issues. Since there are other download files throughout particularly long posts, I get confused about which one is the right one to download.

I followed FernV's instructions and used his bash script. That process made clear what additional synaptic packages I needed, so I installed those and his bash script ran successfully. After that, I searched for NativeCAM in Synaptic, found and installed it. There, too I ran into another dependency that I was able to install with Synaptic. It appears I'm ready to set up one of my configurations to use NativeCAM, so that's where I'm headed next.

Thanks again!

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