7i95 or 6i25+7i85S+7i84

11 Oct 2019 20:53 #147722 by BesPav
Hi, folks!
I'm ready with mechanical parts of chineese cast iron machine frame 3040 like this.

Firstly it will be driven by Lichuan LCDA357H 3-phase stepper drivers and appropriate closed-loop drives.
After some speed and stability testing i will choose use or not AC-drives.
Keeping in mind relatively bad unnamed C5 SFU screw accuracy i've choosed in advance to equip machine with optical linear encoders.
So, dual closed-loop.
Now, after deep googling, i need to choose between modern 7i95 or well-known 6i25+7i85S(maybe two)+7i84.

First are enough simple, well equipped, relatively fast and easy to use with any notebook or linuxcnc based ARM.
But, of couse, there are some cons - preempted core.

Last are more versatile, easy to future upgrade or adding rotating axis and runs under main Linux core.
But of course there are some cons too - PCIe port are needed.

Not the catastrophic decision, but please, let me know your opinion.

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11 Oct 2019 21:29 #147725 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic 7i95 or 6i25+7i85S+7i84
Finding a laptop that works with Linuxcnc is not easy, many new ones will not work at all.
Safer bet is a normal PC, most of them work very nicely with Linuxcnc.
And using PCI-E is not mandatory, there are plenty of Mesa boards that communicate through ethernet and work perfectly.
My advice is get the 7i95, you have everything in one board, and if that is not enough I/O, you can add 2 more 7i84 directly to it.
It can also be expanded with another DB25 card, so plenty of everything.
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