6i25/7i76 TB3 Encoder Jumper Settings - mixed mode possible?

17 Apr 2020 22:19 #164344 by Joco
I understand there are 3 jumpers on the 7i76 board that switch the encoder inputs from differential to single (TTL) mode. What I would like to know is can I do a mixed model?

Have the A and B legs differential coming from an encoder on the motor but have the index as single/TTL coming off a sensor (proximity or hall effect) that is directly on the spindle. This setup being to remove issues with variation in gearing between motor speed and spindle speed. I can use scaling for the speed side of things but from what I have read having an accurate index trigger on the actual spindle gives better co-ordinate movement.

So if yes, what jumper is tied to what leg?
W4 --> ?
W5 --> ?
W6 --> ?


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17 Apr 2020 22:24 - 17 Apr 2020 22:24 #164347 by PCW
Yes, each channel can be set individually.

The jumpers are arranged in the same order as the encoder connector:

W4 IDX mode
W5 B mode
W6 A mode
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