Spindle controler Meccanica Cortini L300 sensing brake

18 Apr 2020 01:25 - 18 Apr 2020 01:37 #164379 by alkabal

Studying these machine i have see that the version with mechanical button for reverse/forward spindle use a system called sensing for human hand touch detection
If you touch the button the spindle slow down automatically so you can operate the direction change without overloading the button/relay/card.

The controler is managed by a potentiometer 0/6v, i plan to use a 7i76e for the retrofit.

What did you think about allowing these spindle for reverse/forward with relay ?

It is interesting to add the sensing circuit ?

Any idea how use the sensing with 7i76e ?

First picture my card with missing component, second picture other one card with all stuff + wire soldered on the button case, third picture schematics


Ps : i does not like to replace the controler this one work like a charm with a lot of torque at low rpm and have direct feedback from encoder. (and mostly because i have a very bad experience replacing my Cortini lathe spindle contoler but i know is possible with some kbmg)
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18 Apr 2020 08:35 #164428 by bbsr_5a
you can sence this in the HAL

BUT i advice you to use a RAMP for the RPM so to stay on the save side
There will be no action on FWD/REV untill the spindle has stopped

you can also use a simple AND logic only Start RPM RAMP with spindle at 0RPM

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