7i80HD-25 will not build Bit file with HM2DPLLTag in the PIN file

23 Jan 2021 22:21 #196366 by Isleape
Hi, I was trying to build a custom Bit file for my 7i80HD
From PCW in a LinuxCNC tread under Driver Boards I tought it would be a good idea to add it.

However trying to compilie it with ISE14.7 failed. with the follwoing errors:

signal EthResetReg : std_logic := '0';
alias Eth_CS : std_logic is EthContReg(0);
alias Eth_CMD : std_logic is EthContReg(1);

I had canged the project's seveni80HD.xise used TopEthernetHostMot2b.vhd
TopEthernet16HostMot2.vhd as the visual difference to was that it supports the watchdog... but not sure it this is the case or needed. It also seems to not have been used by many as it has a name error causing the upper errors:

the name in the file was not updated to "end TopEthernet16HostMot2;" in line 320 (depeding what you moved and shuved about...
e.g. it was still "end TopEthernetHostMot2b or so. - just for the one getting stated with Linux CNC Mesa XLINX and the widley spread information.

May be someone can explain the differnce betweeen the TopEthernet16HostMot2.vhd and end TopEthernetHostMot2b.vxd

Also I'm not sure were to find "The DPLL pins are described in the hostmot2 manual page" - I could not find it up to now...

Hope this helps some one....

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23 Jan 2021 23:27 #196371 by PCW
You should only use TopEthernet16HostMot2.vhd as the top level file
and the only changes in TopEthernet16HostMot2.vhd should be selecting
the card type and pinout.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Isleape

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24 Jan 2021 19:22 #196455 by Isleape
Hi thanks -
the confusion (for me) started with ISE 14.7 throwing errors at me about undefined Ethnet variables. As I just started with all this a couple of days ago I guess I got confused with the filename and the entry lines in the file TopEthernet16HostMot2.vhd:
Beeing different from the file name the line 342: "entity TopEthernetHostMot2 is " and line 386 "end TopEthernetHostMot2;" have different names than the file name aka " in TopEthernet16HostMot2.vhd" (from the source zip on the Mesa home page). So I guess I renamed one or ISE did'nt like the different name - I can remember ... anyhow after renaming both (again ??) the the file name alike name (TopEthernet16HostMot2) the error was gone - so I'll check if ISE botheres about the naming - I guess not ... and it was me trying arround getting it going and screwed up things confused about the name delta. I guess it was cause because I read the the PIN files need the same name as the file - but this may be a roumer - I found PIN files with deviating package names from the files name.... well my beginners failure I gess all in all....

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24 Jan 2021 19:29 #196456 by PCW
File names are arbitrary in ISE, the entity name is what is referenced in the
source tree (though the file name must be included in the project)

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