centroid oak controller

16 Aug 2021 16:04 #217892 by thereclinerman
hi all,

was looking to build a 3 axis cnc wood router. currently have 2 thermwood routers which i program (mastercam), run, and repair. other than that, extremely new user.

i was thinking about using the centroild oak cnc cntroller with linuxcnc as linux has a rtos. does onyone have any experience using this controller.
was planning on using ac servo motors/encoders, servo drives, etc. was going to use as much hardware as possible.

any help/advice would be appreciated

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16 Aug 2021 17:54 #217903 by robertspark
Replied by robertspark on topic centroid oak controller
I don't believe centroid runs linuxcnc.... I thought they only ran their own software www.centroidcnc.com/centroid_diy/oak_cnc_controller.html

it apparently works very well at what it does but only does that.... ie you cannot customise it at all or its interface etc
i gulped at the cost and that features were additional costs.... asked a few (2 I think) questions on the forum and felt that the responses were a little terse.

personally.... I'm happy with linuxcnc and don't think I will move away from it given a long road of mach3 to mach4 to uccnc to linuxcnc.... it just seems to work... sure you have to get your head into it and there are more features and functions that I think I'll ever use...

probably worth trawling some comparisons 


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17 Aug 2021 12:21 #217975 by Roiki
Replied by Roiki on topic centroid oak controller
The controller doesn't work with linuxcnc. Completely different operating principles.

It's a good controller though and their software is quite good.

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