Hostmot2 with m5i20 questions

01 Oct 2009 19:16 - 01 Oct 2009 19:36 #909 by leito1489
Hello everybody, i decided to create this thread because i have several questions about the hostmot firmware.

I have two questions by now that may be stupid questions but i didn't find the answer in the web so here they are..

1- I could use an encoder with the parallel port and it was very simple, i read the hal manual and everything was alright, the encoder worked fine.. with the hal encoder component i have the three pins of the quadrature encoder A,B and Z.

The thing is that i don't understand how the encoder module of the hostmot firmware works, i read all the info in the web about the pins of the hostmot2 and i still don't get which physical pins are the ones i need to connect to the encoder, may be i'm missing something but i don't know what it is.. i know the difference between physical and virtual pins, and as far as i know the pins that the hostmot creates when i load it are all virtual pins that have to be linked to a physical pin (as i did with the parallel port) but in this case the hostmot driver itself links the virtual pins to the physical pins of the board... so i don't know how is the behavior of the encoder in the hostmot config, i mean how the card receives the encoder pulses.

Well that's my first question i need to know if there is info or something to guide me because i don't know where to start with the encoder thing..

2- Well the other thing i would like to know is if when i load the number of PWM gens, Step gens, and Encoders in the hostmot config is there any way to set wich virtual pins i want to link with a XX physical pin.

For example, when i load a configuration with 1 PWM generator and 1 encoder. The encoder pins are all in the beggining of the list, next to them come the GPIO pins, and finally i have the PWM pins, so if this order is the same as i have in the physical connectors, i would have the pwm in one connector and the encoder in the other, so if i want to use the 7i33 daughter card as DAC and also as encoder input it would be impossible because of the distribution of the pins..

So the two questions have in some way the thing with the distribution of the virtual pins in the physical connectors.

Well sorry for this long post but i tried to be detailed in my questions so you can understand what i want to know... i hope i've been clear i'm starting with the m5i20 so may be this things are stupid to solve but i swear i can't find the answer in the web..

Thanks in advance for your help :)

Best regards

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01 Oct 2009 20:26 #911 by alex_joni

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01 Oct 2009 21:12 #912 by leito1489
Thank you very much alex!

I didn't find that because i read the hostmot2 information in the components list.. i will try this and then i'll tell you if everything is ok.

thanks again for your help :)

Best regards.


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02 Oct 2009 15:15 #914 by PCW
In your example with the 7I33, if you just enable one encoder and one PWM generator, the first (channel 0) 7I33 analog out and encoder input will work but the other channels will not because the pins for PWM 1,2,3 and encoder channels 1,2,3 will be reverted to GPIO pins by the driver . The driver always enables the special functions in order of 0 to last so for 7I33 you would want to enable 4 encoders and 4 PWM generators

One thing the documentation does not make clear is that most of the standard bitfiles (SVST8_4 for example) have pinouts
that match the 7I33

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11 Oct 2009 04:23 #952 by leito1489
Hello PCW, sorry for the late reply..

Well i connected the 7i33 and loaded the configuration and everything was ok, i could find the physical pins too..

So that's all for now i want to thank you for your help.



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