LinuxCNC 2.9.1 is released (There was no 2.9.0 release)

05 Nov 2023 00:40 #284586 by andypugh
LinuxCNC 2.9.1 has been released

(there was no 2.9.0 release)

This marks a major new release of LinuxCNC.

Due to the difficulty of supporting both Python3 and Python2 and
various out-of-date libraries the 2.9 release of LinuxCNC is only
supported in Debian Buster or later, Ubuntu Focal and later and
Rasbian 12 and later. Furthermore we are no longer building any 32-bit
versions of any packages.

This update is recommended to all users of supported systems and
hardware. There may be a final 2.8 release to incorporate new drivers
and features for those unable to upgrade.

Abbreviated Changelog:
(Full changelog at:

Merge 150+ pull requests
Adding Limit_Axis Component
Added user space HAL component for publishing HAL values to a MQTT broker.
carousel.comp: Add direct position control for stepgen and encoder modes
Add Mesa 7I94T, 7I97T, 7I76EU, 7i96S card support
Add scaled sum component.
Add anglejog component.
mesa_modbus: New Driver framework
hal_gpio: Generic GPIO driver for any platform supporting libgpiod
docs: Add manpage for emccalib
halcompile: Accept hal pins of type “port”
G71 - G72 updates
Add OutM simple output module support
docs - Hundreds of updates
Fix “userspace” vs “realtime” nomenclature
gladevcp: - Many Updates
glcannon - Many Updates
gmoccapy - Many, Many Updates
hal_glib - Several Updates
halcompile: Add command line arguments to provide compile and link flags
halscope: Several updats
homing: Fix for #2169 introduced #2308.
homing.c: Apply suggested fix for #2629 and #2388 Fix suggested by yuyue2013
hostmot2 bspi: sanity-check that channel echo enable matches receive
buffer present
interpmodule: add interpreter.active_spindle property
interpmodule: fix “speed” property
Issue #1232: Fixed
Issue #1747: Fixed
Issue #2169: Fixed
Issue #2483. Partially ficed
limit_axis: - New component
mb2hal Several Updates
qt5_graphics - Several Updates
qtaxis - Several Updates
qtdagon - 100+ Updates
qtplasmac - 100+ Updates
qttouchy -fix sample config loading error, remove MPG selection buttons
qtvcp - 200+ updates
qtvcp –mdi_line: fix multi axes movement Addresses Closes: #1053251
RS274: M5 default to all spindles.
sims: fix startup issues in axis sims
sims: fix startup issues in qtvcp sims
sims: update and tidy qtplasmac sim

This release contains contributions from the following authors:

ALatSMT Alec Ari Alexey Starikovskiy Alex Lait alkabal Allan Nordhøy
Ambr Enzs Andreas Christoffersen André Litfin Andrew Downing
andrewheeler82 Andrew Kyrychenko Andrii Podanenko andy pugh Arvid
Brodin Asle Næss Benson Muite Billy Soto Bob Bond Bruno Lualdi Bryce
Johnson ButterflyOfFire cascade256 Chad A. Woitas Chadly chris Chris
Morley Chris Nisbet Chris Radek cnc Colten Edwards Csa söl Curtis
Dutton d2inventory Damian Wrobel damiodj Daniel Rogge david Davide
Cerati ddlu ddotldot DerAndere Dewey Garrett D.L Dmitry S. aka D.L D.
Mueller Egor Komogortsev ekam230 Ernesto Lo Valvo freddii Greg Carl
Gunnar Wolf Hakan Kaner Hannah Lau Hans Unzner Håvard F. Aasen Håvard
Flaget Aasen Horváth Csaba htasta Ihor Oliinyk issyvarsano Jan Mrázek
JanneK Jan Roters jb0 Jeff Epler Jérémie Tarot Jerry Trantow
J.M.Garcia John Morris John Thornton Jose Manuel Garcia de Torres
joseph calderon Juraj Adamkovic Kale Yuzik Klaus Naumann Leonardo
Daniel Marsaglia luz paz Mark Markus Mark van Doesburg Martin Kaplan
Mateusz Konieczny Matthew Johnston Matthias Michael Langer Michael
Stellmacher mk00002 Moses McKnight mwork NhanPham nicokid Nicola
Quargentan nicolas Nikita Shubin noel Norbert Schechner oMtQB4 pc179
Peter C Wallace Peter Müller Petr Menšík Petteri Aimonen Petter
Reinholdtsen Phillip A Carter Rainer Stelzer Rene Hopf Rob Clegg
Robert W. Ellenberg Robin Szemeti Roguish root rpm-build russellgower
samcoinc Sascha Ittner Sebastian Kuzminsky simaoamorim snowgoer540
spike Steffen Möller sundtek Sync Tim Blume Tinic Uro Toni Laiho Trần
Ngọc Quân TRothfelder Ulices whatawhiz yohsuke zz912 Александр
Макарчук Дмитрий トトも 大宝剑 陈浩
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