LinuxCNC 2.9.2 has been released

26 Dec 2023 02:15 #289056 by andypugh
LinuxCNC 2.9.2 has been released. This is a bugfix release, with the
most obvious change being that run-from-line in the Axis interface
should now be working again.

Packages have been prepared for:
Buster - uspace - amd64 (PC) armhf (Pi) arm64 (Pi with 64-bit kernels)
Buster - RTAI - amd64
Bullseye - uspace - ams64 (only)
Bookworm - uspace - amd64, arm64
Bookworm - RTAI - amd64

For existing users of 2.9.1 on the above platforms this should be
offered as an automatic update.

If anyone badly needs Bullseye debs for RTAI or arm64 / armhf then let
me know. (all but the amd64 uspace builds have to be manually created)

Contributors to this release are:
 Alec Ari
Greg Carl
Hans Unzner
Håvard F. Aasen
Moses McKnight
Norbert Schechner
Peter Wallace
Petter Reinholdtsen
Phillip Carter
Rene Hopf
Sebastian Kuzminsky
Steffen Moeller

Full changelog:

  * Add dither option to PWMGen for improved analog resolution
  * axis: Fix run-from-line - bug #2771
  * debian/changelog: fix epoch & white space
  * deleted craftsman gui, as it is not python 2 nor gtk3 based and
not mantained for a long period
  * deleted gmoccapy plasma, as glade panels are still in gtk2
  * Docs: Many updates
  * fix hardcoded description in Spanish language Closes: #1057312
  * Fixes warnings for possible string truncation with strncpy()
  * Gladevcp: fix error on missing filter program
  * gmoccapy: Fixed Inappropriate Logical Expression (#2769)
  * gmoccapy: fixes error when trying to hide the turtle-jog button in gmoccapy
  * hal_glib -add get_linuxcnc_version function
  * Increase size of STACK_ENTRY_LEN
  * Merge pull request #2567 from petterreinholdtsen/2.9-gcode-g38.2
  * Merge pull request #2757 from dpslwk/patch-1
  * Merge pull request #2761 from LinuxCNC/s_code_fix
  * Merge pull request #2765 from LinuxCNC/pncconf_fix_missing_ssport
  * Merge pull request #2772 from hansu/fix-debian-1057312
  * Merge pull request #2775 from smoe/translation_breaking_po4a
  * Merge pull request #2782 from Sigma1912/patch-2
  * Merge pull request #2783 from Sigma1912/patch-3
  * Merge pull request #2790 from havardAasen/fix-string-truncation
  * Merge pull request #2791 from havardAasen/havardAasen-patch-1
  * Merge pull request #2795 from havardAasen/build-dependency
  * motion control: allow the spindle to be on with speed of 0
  * motion: fix brake/direction setting when S command is sent.
  * motion.c: Improve handling of misc_error pin names See #2780 #2773
  * pmx483-test: change package message to python3-serial
  * pncconf - change spindle stepgen enable from spindle-enable to machine-is-on
  * pncconf -fix HAL load command for 2 serialports
  * qtaxis -add version string to log
  * qtdragon -add a default 'factor' to avoid error message
  * qtdragon_hd -fix stylesheets for 5 axis, adjust qtdragon.ui
  * qtdragon/hd -add version messages to about and log
  * qtdragon/hd -fix spindle override quick setting buttons
  * qtdragon/hd -update version after fixing probing bug
  * qtplasmac docs: update python serial version
  * qtplasmac: fix 5th axis buttons
  * qtplasmac: fix case switching in run from line
  * qtplasmac: fix gcode filter comments error
  * qtplasmac: fix imperial cut parameter ranges
  * qtplasmac: fix power button styling
  * qtplasmac: fix removal of temporary materials in run from line
  * qtplasmac: fix run from line code restoration
  * qtplasmac: fix string formatting and version check
  * qtplasmac: fix translation error in pmx485_check
  * qtplasmac: fix updater typo, document update_log.txt
  * qtplasmac: prevent extra temporary material addition from conversational
  * qtplasmac: rework versioning due to master branch diverging
  * qtvcp -add vismach obj files to search, change path from debug to info
  * qtvcp -auto_height: improve logging/status output
  * qtvcp -copy panel: update to check for the qtvcp/screens or panels path
  * qtvcp -docs: the 'copy_dialog' panel changed to just 'copy'
  * qtvcp -notify: silence annoying error message
  * qtvcp -probe routines:fix spindle start on error or abort
  * qtvcp -touchoff_subprogram: fix typos so it works properly.
  * Restore functionality of NO_PROBE ini settings
  * revert changes for strncat()
  * RTAI: Fix build against RTAI+GNU11
  * snprintf uses %d on a double (issue 2784)
  * Fix error on loading stdglue remaps using an R word.
(The previous code errored on attempted comparison between dict and
  * tests: status.state should be checked against command execution status
  * Update build-dependency for OpenGL
  * Update
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