manual bridgeport retrofit parts for sale!

22 Jan 2010 14:23 #1590 by steve10778
i have anilam mounting castings for x y and z(knee driven) with sem brush servos cables and amphenols both ends, with handwheels
glass scales for x, y and z and covers
limit swithes and dogs
servo dynamics drives 4 each
z axis(knee) ballscrew
control cabinet and monitor mount
everything you kneed to do a bport manual>>cnc retro, except pc and motion control, i am using that for my new machine retrofit.

i took everything off to have a manual mill again, and bought an old cnc with good iron to use for my cnc. i would like to sell this stuff to recoup some of my costs.

i also have 3 brushless cmc servo motors w/ 5/8 shafts, hall sensors
opto-22 i/o boards with solid state relays, b1 brain boards and power supply boards (5 sets) 8input x 8 output
opto-22 i/o board direct wire for control of 16 ssr's
2 eg&g torque systems servo amps (not working need repaired)
good anilam crusader m crt, and another that needs repair
1 set of anilam crusader m 2 axis cnc boards
1 set of anilam crusader m 3 axis cnc boards, if someone needs parts.
power supplies

im basically cleaning house. haha

moderators, not sure if its cool listing stuff i have for sale, but it seemed appropriate here, if not let me know.

my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. shoot me a line if you have questions

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