high-z from cnc-step?

08 Oct 2017 17:40 #100088 by ChrisAutod
I have a High-Z S-720/T from cnc-step with Zero 3 5ch Controller.
It work fine with Windows 10 and the USB Box.

Now I want to let ist run under linuxcnc with the onboard parallel port.
But I hear only some noises from the Motors but it doesn't move any axes.

Have anyone a working configuration for me?

I try in the mainboard BIOS ECP and bidirectional.

Thank you for Help
10 Oct 2017 22:57 #100177 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic high-z from cnc-step?
Did you simply import the Mach3 config into Stepconf or start from scratch?

At least noises is _something_. At a guess your step times are too short, or the step polarity needs to be changed.
12 Oct 2017 20:53 #100280 by ChrisAutod
Replied by ChrisAutod on topic high-z from cnc-step?
No I haven't Mach3. I tried configs from lavalu
13 Oct 2017 12:58 #100324 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic high-z from cnc-step?
Well, try longer step times (5000nS normally works) and if that is no help try inverting the polarity of the step pulses in stepconf.
07 Feb 2018 22:49 - 07 Feb 2018 22:51 #105549 by Zuckerbäcker
Replied by Zuckerbäcker on topic high-z from cnc-step?
its a long time ago, but maybe somebody can use this hint:

The Zero3 Controller from the CNC-Step machines need a Toogle / Watchdog / Charge Pump Signal on LPT1 Pin16 - its a square wave signal about 5 KHz as far as i know, but also the e-stop pin can make this scenario (Pin11).
You can see the watchdog on front leds - the one with "PC" stands for this connection.

Good Luck!
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