New Hardware Project based on UDOO x86 board: MF-CNC

19 Sep 2018 19:58 #117758 by francois

I'm building a new cnc multifunctions machine based on the UDOO x86 board.
I intend to command the stepper motors directly from the GPIO connector and the feedback of position is given from a custom stepper driver board through an high speed serial bus (100Mbit/sec). The expansion board of the UDOO x86 processor is still in developpement.
(All the hardware is home made)

I want to Know if there are some poeple here who have experience with this board and interested to develop the software modules for this project?

Later I'll post the complete hardware architecture.

THanks and Best reguards to everyone.


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20 Sep 2018 12:24 #117785 by andypugh
I do have a UDOO board (I was one of the Kickstarter backers for the very first board).

How do you intend to interface with the GPIO pins? Are you planning to use the Atmega for step-generation and encoder counting?

I think that I stopped experimenting when I couldn't find a realtime interface between the Atmega and the x86 parts of the board.

Or do you intend to ignore the onboard Arduino?

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10 Oct 2018 17:23 - 10 Oct 2018 17:55 #118644 by francois
It's possible to drive the GPIO from the kernel and not use the Arduino interface.
In my case I'll use a level translator, a LSF0204D, who will be located in the expansion board of the UDOO mainboard.
I've already tested if all the necessary fuctions are fiting into the board and it fit.
If you will, i can send you the Kicad source files. The principals components are placed on the board but the schematic and the board routing have to be done.
For the moment i focus on the smart place head electronics.

Best reguards

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