Hydraulic press brake control

30 Sep 2018 22:37 #118248 by skitter_ranch
A quick question.
With your 7i96, are you using Debian?
Was it difficult to configure?
Is it supported by PNCconfig?
Or would I need to go to yet another software platform
01 Oct 2018 11:53 #118280 by microsprintbuilder
I am using Debian with 2.7 and a component for the ssr's that PWC helped me make. There is no support in the pnc config just yet. You could use a different board in the pnc config and then just change the board info in the hal. I have a working 3 axis plasma cutter running on the 7i96 and can give you those file's including the comp if you like. otherwise you need to use the version 2.8 from the master to get the ssr's running. I'm probably going to switch to that myself and ditch the comp.
01 Oct 2018 12:04 #118282 by skitter_ranch
Thanks. Much appreciated. I will be making the call to switch to the 7i96 in the next couple days. I have a couple more things to try on the 7i76 before I give up on it. I will get back to you.
14 Nov 2018 15:05 #120684 by microsprintbuilder
I've got numbers and motors moving in this hacked up config. I did not connect the motor encoders to make them closed loop yet as I was not sure how the comp is going to use them.
Attached is my hal and in.
27 Nov 2018 23:11 - 27 Nov 2018 23:11 #121498 by microsprintbuilder
I've made progress this week. I made a comp to get things moving. It does work but I have no homing sequence yet and the movement is a little jumpy. Also need to change the steppers to closed loop. Just doing position for now. Attached is my files and a link to a video of the machine moving.
Pressbrake video
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28 Nov 2018 16:17 #121530 by microsprintbuilder
found that my compensation was not linear so I changed it up. Things are much soother now. I need to make the steppers on the valves closed loop as I've found that if you hit the pressure relief and it causes a pressure spike witch kicks back on the valve causing it to loose position. attached are my updated files.
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